Wardrobe Edit

Feeling over (or under) whelmed by your closet? Perhaps you want to learn how to put together outfits that look less "blah" and frumpy, and more polished and put-together?

Wardrobe Edits are a fun, and often therapeutic, way to hone-in on your style and to create a positive, inspired & intentional wardrobe. 


Together we will go through your wardrobe and see what fits and what works with your style goals. We will keep the items that work and determine items that can be consigned or donated.


With your current wardrobe, you will try on different items and we will build a number of different outfits and take photos for you to reference. We will also create a list of items you need to create outfits that are not only versatile & wearable, but that truly reflect your style.

After the session, I will send you all of the Edit Notes that I took during our time together. This includes things to remember, tips on how to continue to self edit your closet, and styling tips.


Based on your style goals and what we talked about during the session, I'll also spend some time doing a mini personal shop for you. I will send you a number of items you might like to consider purchasing to either replace worn-out items, or to complete your wardrobe.


Your wardrobe will feel lighter, more accessible and you will have a clear direction of what to look for when you go shopping. You'll know how to put together outfits, how to dress your body, and what works for your style & your lifestyle. 

These sessions last approx 90min. $160